Green Route

Starting from the entrance of Cittadella Maccari next to the beach of San Lorenzo, this path will allow you to visit the Cittadella, the Trigona, the byzantine necropolis, and will reach its final destination, the Tonnara of Vendicari.
This is the most “archeological” and longer path among the three itineraries.

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DEPARTURE: Cittadella Maccari
ARRIVAL: Tonnara of Vendicari

POINTS OF INTEREST: Cittadella MaccariByzantine necropolisTrigona – Tonnara of Vendicari
DISTANCE: 5.06 km


Itinerary start  – Entrance of  “Cittadella Maccari”

After parking follow the indications and enter from the south entrance of the Reserve: The “Cittadella Maccari”.

First stage – Cittadella Maccari

You have reached the Cittadella, the byzantine village arose in the 6th century A.D., used at the time of the Phoenicians and Greeks as trade area. In this area you can find Byzantines ruins, probably stone houses, very similar to those found in Greece in the Aegean Islands.

Second stage – Byzantine Necropolis

Along the paths of the Cittadella, you will find the rests of some Byzantine catacombs. The most particular is an underground catacomb, a very rare copy of two-places tomb set in a small mausoleum having a barrel vault.

Third stage – Trigona

Here’s the Trigona: a byzantine cube with a square floor plan and three apses. Inside you can admire the old stone dome with an opening to the east in such a way that, as per tradition, the full moon light entered in the building giving start to the holy Easter. Now go back and head toward the coast. You leave to the last stage, the Tonnara of Vendicari.

Fourth stage –  Tonnara of Vendicari

You have finally reached the Tonnara. It was more than a simple walk but this wonderful corner of sea is worthwile. Too tired to lay under the sun? You can always relax under the shade of the trees or you can visit the ancient houses of fishermen near the Tonnara of Vendicari.

Riserva Vendicari