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4 vele Blu legambiente - Vendicari

4 Blu sails - Legambiente

Legambiente - Vendicari

Vendicari and all the district of Noto are among the localities "rewarded" with the four blue sails of Legambiente again this year. This award is given after an evaluation of over 170 indicators. The parameters considered for the assignment of the sails are the quality and the cleanliness of the bathing water, the efficiency of recycling waste, the ecosustainable management of resources, the presence of pedestrian areas, the efficiency of the services, the appreciation of the landscape and local productions.

An important recognition for the town of Noto, which has been again awarded this year, is the commitment to continue preserving and protecting the beautiful territory of the wildlife oasis of Vendicari.

Riserva Vendicari